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I have moved...

It's been a while again...
I have an announcment to make.
I have moved to peaceful_grace
If you want me to friend you over there please reply to this post.

I decided to move because I don't like how I organize my entries...because if you look in my tags...I kind of 2 tags for thing. ^^; So, I'm hoping in my new blog I'll be a bit more organized...even though I most post about (otome) games.

I also have some LJ tokens on this account which equal to a name change token. If you want to change your name I'm willing to give it you (first come first serve.) I bought the tokens becaue my sister wanted to change her name to a move from Kingdom Hearts (and I'm not hating that move, okay. I just think...out of all the things to rename yourself or your blog...it's that I'll give you a virtual cookie for those of you who don't my sister to name the move from the game.)

I've already posted a game review in my new LJ already...it's an IPhone/ITouch/IPad game app though...
it doesn't mean I've been skipping on otome games! I've been playing Uta no Prince-sama. I don't think it's such a bad game...but I guess it could have been better...
I dont't think Corda 3 is a terrible game either but I do miss the camaraderie from the first 2 games.

Do you guys remember this game?

So, I'm finally going to write about Hibari Kyouya's route.

I played the game again on my new laptop because it's been so long since I last played the game. It took me a while to start it because Windows 7 doesn't have handwritten recognition for any language outside English or (maybe) wherever your locale is. However, Windows 7 Ultimate does *bitter laughter* I managed to type whole width words eventually - but that's a long story that you don't care about.

Merry Belated Christmas...Collapse )

I don't remember when I started this post but...I'm finally done with the first post I hope you guys enjoy it.

Black Friday

For those of you who don't live in the US - Black Friday is the day after our Thanksgiving day where there are big sales. Usually...really early in the morning like at the crack of dawn (but now a days it's earlier.)

Right now I'm currently typing this entry on my new Dell Ispiron laptop. It took me a while to find what I wanted but I let a sales person walk me through it and I also bought an external hard drive...so I can back up my dying desktop. ^^;

I have a confession to make...
while looking around I put my Ipod Touch in my jacket pocket because I was looking for something specific but I search at their data base the ones that I wanted were sold out at that Best Buy store. When I checked to see if my Ipod was still in my pocket when I grabbed my laptop I noticed it was missing and thought I had put it in my purse. I was naive. ><; Because when I came home from work tonight it was not in my purse. So...I'm going back tomorrow and I'm praying that it's in the store somewhere. I'm surpsied that I'm not crying...and I even haven't had it for that long *frustrated sigh*

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those of you who live in the United States...
I think I wrote a post like this last year too...at least I started out the same. ^^;

Anyway, did you guys eat a lot? I did eat more than I normally do...

I found this while browsing around randomly on Animate

I never thought something like this would be made for TeniPuri. LOL
But then again...if they can make 乙女ゲーム for that series then they can make a pseudo 抱き枕 too. LOL At lest...this is SFW. It looks like they're still in they're uniforms. To me...it looks like they just came from school after doing school chores...or club I guess. LOL
After I bought Road to Emerald I went to the review section of that app on my Ipod and found Pinky☆Distortion. It started out as a VN keitai game aimed for girls but eventually it got ported to the Iphone/Ipad/Itouch. This game is produced by Kanon of Antic Cafe. Since I saw this game was recommended...I tried the lite version. It was too short and left me wanting more so I bought the full app. I do like the fact that it gives you the option to play in Japanese or in English when you start the game. I played it in English first, like Road to Emerald...it was a awkward but the English is much better than Road to Emerald. I have to be honest that I liked playing it in Japanese because...you can see the relationships better in the Japanese version from how they talk. ^^;

The full game is nice...but it feels too short. LOL But...it's only episode 1 so I'm expecting more in the future. I want to see DIS;CODE (the band in the game) make it to Budokan! LOL
I have to give you a warning...since this part of the game is episode 1, don't expect anything otome game like. The player character is a girl named Maria (まりあ) and she somehow gets into the role of being DIS;CODE's manager. LOL This game is truly...a visual novel. ^^;

I do have a favorite character...but do you want to guess who it is? LOL

Anyway, here's the opening movie for the game if you're interested.

I also found a promotional sound clip for the game.

It's not on the website anymore...

I can't believe I have the time

to be writing this...
But it's Sunday...so it's never really busy when I come back...but it's always hell with the call backs tomorrow... (FYI, I'm typing this at work.)

If you're curious I finally managed to get 3 out of 4 of the secret characters in TMGS.
I wished I figured out how to use the Queen Training Armor earlier...otherwise I wouldn't have gone through so much stress. LOL
Well, at least it helped be get a 3P CG for Konno & Shitara.

I also found otome games for my ITouch. LOL
It's from a popular series called Renai Shugi. Apparently, it's a popular set of cellphone games...they don't only do otome games they also do bishoujo and BL games. The first game I played was Road to Emerald. It's based off of Wizard of Oz. The art is very nice. And the surpising thing is that it was in English. Even though it was English...I was disappointed that there were obvious grammar errors in there. ^^; I thought they would hire a professional translator...not someone who seems to know English very well...
The game was very nice for a short game...and the guys you could go after were nice too. My favorite out of all the catchable guys was the scarecrow. His personality wasn't over bearing and he was easy to get along with. LOL

I also downloaded 恋愛主義 マリス〜想いは昏闇の向こう〜Lite but decided to purchase it instead... since the Lite version of all (well, at least game apps) apps are just trials. Basically, it's a horror otome game. I haven't gotten that far into it and I've only met 2 characters.
An interesting note...the default name for the otome characters is Katase Mako (片瀬真琴)

Download LJ app on my IPod

It's not bad but I hate that it makes you close the app when you want to look at the post's comments and force you to read it in safari. You also can't read foreign text on it because when looked at my own LJ page the Japanese text showed up as boxes 

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iPod touch 4th generation

Yes, i'm typing this on my new itouch that I bought yesterday. I'm trying to get used to this thing. I wish this thing would capitalize when I press the shift button. I have an older generation IPod that still works but I've been thinking of buying an Itouch for a while.

I can't cheat after all...

I'm referring to Storm Lover...I can't bring myself to cheat with the guys...at least I guess with the first time playing it...

I still haven’t finished Storm Lover…I need to finish Mishiro Takumi and Uzuki Yuuto.
I let my sister borrow my PSP because she bought Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep recently so I’m letting her play that. I read on her LJ that she’s starting out with Aqua (b/c she’s so pretty~)
Anyway, I’ll talk about the routes that I did finish.

Tatsuhara Souya (CV:Miyano Mamoru)Collapse )
Toratani Rikka (CV:Kaji Yuki)Collapse )

Ikiari Mio (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)Collapse )

I also went after Mikoshiba Kyousuke but I have a feeling it will take me a while to type about him too...I talk about him in another post.

I keep getting unexpected surprises...

This post is about my ときめもGSの悩み 3rd Story continued (苦笑)

I just finished getting Konno & Shitara 3P Ending 1. I wasn't trying to get that. I was trying to get Konno's 2nd Ending. LOL On my 2nd play through with 3rd Story I was actually trying to get Konno. His affection for Bambi, on that play thorough, was the highest out of all the characters that I met. But when I got into 3P with Shitara...Bambi's stats were leaning toward more toward...Shitara. So I decided to go after Shitara when I accidentally got into PvP. *sigh* I was so stupid...and forgot to save after it activated. ;_; That I didn't have to start over to get Konno's 2nd Ending. LOL
So this time I did the same thing...except changed Bambi's birth date and blood type to see if building stats would be easier...the affection seemed to rise slower this time...I still managed to get Tamao to like me first and my stats were leaning in more of Shitara's direction. And ironically, Shitara ended up getting in Tokimeki state first this time. LOL Even though I had Konno liking me first I had him at :D for a long time...because I had trouble being #1 on the exams! >_< So...it took me too long to get into かたい絆 OTL and so...that's how I ended up with 3P Ending 1 on that attempt...

Before I went after Konno again I tried go after Niina...but I ended up with Kouichi! My Art stat was too high again. I end up hanging out with Miyo a lot...because she gives a nice boost to the general stats.
Near the end of my play...Niina was the one who showed up on the save/load data screen. But...I ended up getting Kou's Yotsubata event! So...I knew I was doomed. I ended up giving up again.
During one of my dates with Niina Kouichi happened to bump into Niina and Bambi walking home. When Kouichi called...I decided to tell him it was a misunderstanding. I chose that because in my Arashi play through when I chose to keep Kouichi as Bambi's best friend...I couldn't activate 3P with Niina! ><;


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